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Testimonies From Cancer Patients
Suviving Breast Cancer 


dee.jpg (9667 bytes)Determined to Survive
"From Vision to Victory" 
by Dee Simmons
Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was devastated and shocked. 
First of all I couldn’t believe this could happen to me. I had never been sick, not even a cold and had always considered myself to be a very healthy person. Immediately, I had a decision to make... did I want to live or did I want to die? My choice was obvious. Coming home from the hospital, I knew I must take charge of my life. I had just gone through an eight hour modified radical mastectomy and with my determination to survive my journey began.

Fortunately, the first part of my journey took me to Oasis of Hope Hospital, then called Contreras Hospital, where I met and became a patient of Dr. Francisco Contreras. Immediately, my life was touched in a positive effect with staff and environment that produced a reassurance of comfort, peace, and healing. I was treated in not only a professional way but as a family member. Oasis’ focus was on the whole patient, not just the disease. With the assistance of Dr. Contreras and the hospital staff, I learned how to take charge of my life, and this was the real journey, the journey of my healing. I soon became an avid student of nutrition and quickly learned how to apply the best of science and the best of nature to my personal life. I also learned health is the most valuable possession in life. Its been said that the best things in life are free. Sometimes, however those things that are most precious to us have a terrible cost. I consider our health to be one virtue that we hold most sacred, unfortunately some of us are stricken with a dreaded disease that threatens to cut short God’s most special gift of life. Cancer requires the ultimate battle. It forces a fight of life. Cancer is common and does not discriminate. Only a few years ago cancer was referred to as a condition too awful to talk about. Discussion though often communicating knowledge, is a powerful weapon in the battle against cancer. Survivors know cancer can be conquered and they speak a language of warfare. They truly have fought an enemy within ... not simply the intruding cells, but their bodies defenses, denial, anger, and sometimes despair. Many cancer survivors consider the disease to have been a gift in a horrible package... a message too dire to ignore, that life, which is indeed fleeting and precious, is a miracle and a gift from God. I know hope is the most powerful medicine of all. Illness is an opportunity for growth and the healing part comes from the ability to deal with whatever illness is troubling you. It’s all about finding peace of mind.

How did an experience so tragic bring good into my life? It was a lesson to teach me where to turn to in a crisis. It pulled me into a dark valley dropping me along the way - forcing me to rest and learn to trust Psalm 46:10... "Be still and know that I am God." He was in control. I emerged to the mountaintop, into the same world but with a different appreciation of life and a closer relationship with my Savior. Yes, I touched the rose and felt the thorn. I’ve seen my life go from "vision to victory." We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life but we can decide what happens within us... how we take it and what we do with it. That’s what really counts in the end, how to take the raw stuff of life and make it a thing of worth and beauty... that is the test of living. The magic of life can never end, for it’s filled with all life’s greatest gifts, our family and friends.

If you are struggling with illness, remember the importance of a positive mental attitude and do not give up hope. Arm yourself with knowledge about your illness, and become an active participant in your treatment plans. If you are well, please do not take your good health for granted. 

In closing I would like to reflect on someone who truly touched my life and taught me how to touch others. Dr. Francisco Contreras touches so many lives. I personally want to thank him once again for the unconditional commitment he made to me and continues to make to all his patients. My heart is full of gratitude to him and his staff. I salute each one for giving of themselves so that others are blessed with hope, strength and good health.

I will always remain grateful that Dr. Contreras and Oasis of Hope Hospital were a part of God’s gift to me on my journey to victory over cancer. I thank Dr. Contreras for my treatment and direction of healing. With his help I’ve learned to speak and write words of encouragement and love to others who go through times of crises and challenges. Today I am blessed to work closely with Dr. Contreras as I refer many people with a health crisis to the Oasis of Hope.... a place and person who are committed to saving lives. One of the greatest blessings God can give to you is the gift of someone who cares... Dr. Contreras truly cares!

Stay Healthy,
Dee Simmons

I’m excited to announce that my book Ultimate Living is now published. This books tells my story and offers hope and encouragement to others who are experiencing crisis in their lives. From the beginning my mission, vision and passion was and always will be to save lives. This is my total commitment. Writing this book made me realize that I desire to work more closely with cancer victims and their families. Dr. Francisco Contreras honored me by writing the foreword.



pic6.jpg (7731 bytes)

Dr. Ernesto Contreras, founder of Oasis Hospital, with patient Betty Roberts, celebrating a 20-year victory against cancer.


"Of course I had a big argument with my doctor, and he was convinced that if I went to Mexico I was going to die. Well, I was convinced that if I stayed in the United States I was going to die. I knew I could always get the additional surgery and chemotherapy in the U.S., so I said, I'll try the OASIS first and see what happens . I have certainly never been sorry for going down there and I cannot say enough about the doctors and staff. They give such personal care. It just seems that if treatment there was not such a wonderful thing, as far as the cancer program is concerned, 40,000 Americans would not have chosen the Contreras doctors."
Betty Roberts


November 25, 1998 
"Jesus is my Healer..." - see Psalm 30:2, 1 Peter 2:24, Ex. 15:26, etc. 

I praise God for 2 years of quality life since being diagnosed with cancer. Gods Word is true must walk by faith and not by sight. Of course He gave me a brain and I try very hard to be led by the Holy Spirit. I pray for wisdom in dealing with these situations.


August 24, 1997 
When I was diagnosed with aggressive infiltration ductal carcinoma I was told by my doctor in the US that I needed an immediate mastectomy done on my right breast. I came to Dr. Contreras Sr. and he told me the surgery would add a 5-10% chance of life expectancy but that chemo and radiation were not necessary. My US doctors told me the same but after the operation, they made a complete change of thinking. They told me it was necessary to take large extensive dosages of chemotherapy. I was very uncertain about this advice since my aunt had an operation for liver cancer followed up with large dosages of chemo and died one year later anyway.
My cousin also had breast cancer and decided to keep her breast and go with the radiation and chemotherapy. She also died one year later after treatment. Because of this family history of cancer deaths, I came to consult again with Dr. Contreras and he told me chemotherapy and radiation were not the right choice and that laetrile, shark cartilage and a complete change in diet were. I took his advice and I am seven years clear of cancer and I take blood tests, etc. every six months as he requested. I am so grateful for his loving care. I feel he saved my life with the laetrile treatment. Thank you very much.
I did go back to school and finish my Masters in education and I have been teaching severely handicapped children at an elementary school. I am feeling great and my blood test came out normal again this month. Thank you again.

Carol Abraham
Huntington Bch., CA


August 21, 1997

It has been 25 years since I first started my treatment with Dr. Contreras I was curios about what I would face (probably as most of the people have) due to what the news media always conveys about going to another country for treatment. Instead of what I had heard, I found a loving, caring group of professional people that I soon found a deep love for. Were I ever faced with this situation again, I would quickly return there. Not only the people working there, but the people you meet from all over the world soon become like a family. When you go to a radiation department here in the states the people daily are looking worse every day. There at OASIS you begin to see life coming forth because the spirit, soul and body are being cared for.

Myrna Oswill,
Simi Valley, CA


August 22, 1997

In April, 1983 I was diagnosed as having an inflammatory carcinoma in the right breast with only 3 months to live. In September, nearer to death than alive due to chemotherapy treatments that I had received in the U.S., I had the opportunity of going to Mexico to see Dr. Ernesto Contreras Sr. I started his treatment at OASIS Hospital. Fifteen years later I am still here doing well. I owe my life to God and Dr. Contreras, Sr.


Inez E Reese
Guntersville, AL


August 23, 1997

From a radical mastectomy in 1966, we discovered in 1976, cancer had returned and had already destroyed one third of my sternum and was present in several areas of my body.
After cobalt treatments, the prognosis from several physicians seemed hopeless. Refusing chemotherapy, we came to Dr. Contreras Sr’s clinic in February 1977, where I received Laetrile and nutritional therapy continuing to the present year 1997.
A number of doctors and radiologists confirm that I am free of cancer, thanks to God for His grace and Dr. Contreras Sr, His servant in healing.
Norma Gwaltney
Bridgeton, MO 

Norma Gwaltney
Bridgeton, MO



August 29, 1997

I first came to Dr. Contreras, Sr. 13 years ago, after having a second mastectomy. The surgeon wanted me to have chemotherapy again, but said I could possibly wind up with Leukemia as a result. Three days after surgery I boarded a bus to see Dr. Contreras and about a month later I had spent the most wonderful time and receiving curative treatment using Laetrile and enzymes. I have had no problems these past years, and continue to take Laetrile 6 days a week. The kindness and love shown to me those weeks will never be forgotten. 

Signed: Phyllis Pelteson
Las Vegas, Nevada



August 29, 1997


I had a mastectomy in 1987 because of a lobular and infiltrating cancer. Five lymph nodes were involved. I was told that the other breast would be involved within a year. When a lump came in the second breast, I went to the OASIS of Hope and after three Laetrile treatments, the lump had disappeared. Praise God for the miracle! In March 1997 I had fluid in my lung. When it was drained, the fluid had cancer cells. I have taken six treatments of chemo cytoxan and adriamycin. The lung fluid is gone and I am back on the Laetrile regimen and hope for another 10 years of life. I am grateful and often pray for the OASIS of Hope Hospital, doctors, personnel, Board of Directors and mostly the patients.

Signed: Marion Geissler
Carthage, Illinois





In June 1976 I was biopsied and found I had cancer in my right breast. In July 5, 1976 I saw Dr. Contreras Sr for 3 weeks of Laetrile therapy. Late February 1977 the lump was still there, very deep against my ribs and the size of a silver dollar. I had a mastectomy and they removed 13 lymph nodes. The doctors were all amazed that all were negative.
I took Laetrile and followed Dr. Contreras diet for 5 years and did great. Then for the next 12 years took no Laetrile and ate everything.
In January 1994, I went back to Dr. Contreras and had 3 weeks of Laetrile and mega-vitamins. Since then, every CA 15-3 has been fine. I have not had one drop of chemotherapy or one strobe of radiation, EVER!!
I feel fine and I am strong. I work 1/4 acre garden, can over 200 quarts of fresh vegetables, water ski (SLOLOM) or anything I want to do at the age of 58!
I thank God for Dr. Contreras Sr and Laetrile.
Gladys Kirkemier
Little Rock, Arkansas

Gladys Kirkemier
Little Rock, Arkansas



August 27, 1997

I had breast cancer first in 1981, but didn’t know Contreras Clinic at that time, so I had a biopsy and 33 radiation treatments done here in the states. Then in 1987 I came to OASIS Hospital (then Contreras Clinic) when they examined me the first time. In 1989 Dr. Francisco Contreras operated on me since the scar tissue from so many radiation treatments was all cancer again.
I praise the Lord for all His help and His healing and appreciate each one of the staff and the Christian atmosphere at OASIS, also the love and support that was given each time I went there. It pays to have a healthy diet and to try and be happy, it’s like a medicine.
They say I am free of cancer at this time. I’ve had this dreaded disease quite a few years; but I am still on my Barley Green, carrot juice and other vegetable juices. 
May God’s richest blessing abide in each one of you at OASIS. It would be so nice to see all of you again. 
Lillian Gottschalk, 
Ephrata, PA


In 1975 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I had a mastectomy and then radiation. My prognosis at that time was 2 to 5 years.
Then we heard about Dr. Contreras Sr and came to see him in 1977. Thanks to his treatments and following the diet that he gave me I have been free of cancer for almost 20 years. I have so much to be thankful for.
Mae Walker
Dover, PA


In June 1991, through my prayers, the Lord led me to the way of OASIS Hospital (formerly Ernesto Contreras Hospital) to consult Dr. Contreras Sr regarding a malignant growth on my breast. I was told I had Cancer of the right breast. So in July of 1991, a radical mastectomy was performed by Dr. Francisco Contreras on my right breast.
After surgery, follow up treatments were with my good Dr. Ernesto Contreras. The kind encouraging words of the doctors pacified my fears and anxieties. So that from 1991 to the present date, I have been seeing Dr. Ernesto Contreras for routine check-ups.
Thanks be to God, I am now healed and in very good health. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the doctors and staff of the OASIS Hospital, for their care and services during my two months of confinement. Because in this hospital, there is hope for the hopeless. There is healing not only on your body but much more on your soul.
To God be the Honor and the Glory!

Milagros Runes
Cerritos, CA



I am a surviving cancer patient. I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the right breast in May of 1990. I immediately had a lumpectomy with lymph node removal (one in twelve lymph nodes positive) and then two years later I had a mastectomy of the right breast due to the cancerous areas that were previously undetected.
Instead of following the conventional treatment with chemotherapy and radiation, I came to OASIS Hospital in September of 1990. There I received Laetrile, shark cartilage, vitamin supplements and a special meal plan.
I returned to OASIS two more times for follow-up care. I have maintained the treatment plan that Dr. Contreras gave me and I am thankful and happy to say that today I am still in remission.
Thanks to all at OASIS for the fine work that you do.

Agnes Reynolds
North Irwin, PA


In October 1987,  I was diagnosed with breast cancer (Infiltrating ductal carcinoma Stage T3).
I was not given a bad prognosis but when my oncologist recommended chemotherapy, I refused. I was told about alternative treatment at the OASIS Hospital by a very dear friend. After further inquiry, I decided that this was what I would choose. Upon arriving at the hospital, I found such capable, caring and loving people and doctors. After getting the initial treatments, I went home with a new diet, lifestyle and a lot of hope.
I followed the diet faithfully along with Shaklee vitamins for the nutritional supplementation I needed. I also included colonics and a weeklong health juice regimen.
I returned to Mexico in 6 months for booster shots and have returned 4 more times since then for checkups and the treatment needed.
It will be 10 years in October that I have been consulting with Dr. Contreras. I thank God that He helped me to make the right decision and that has encouraged many people to choose this effective treatment.
Ruth Tumoszwicz
Okeechobee, FL

Ruth Tumoszwicz
Okeechobee, FL

March 16, 1998
NOTE: this letter was written by Mr. Stewart’s son Richard Stewart.
I am writing on behalf of Harry Stewart. Unfortunately Harry has suffered several stokes and is now residing at a skilled nursing facility in Glendale, Arizona.
As you know, Harry is a long time survivor of prostate cancer. Harry was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 1974. He did not agree with the doctors that radiation and chemotherapy were the only answer to this disease. Harry chose to find an alternative medical treatment, thus began the long and satisfying relationship between Dr. Contreras and Harry.
My father often counseled other suffering cancer patients on the benefits of the medical treatments offered by Dr. Contreras. I hope that the clinic continues to serve as a deacon of hope for all cancer patients. With my Deepest Gratitude
Richard Stewart


March 7, 1998

NOTE: this letter was written by Avis E. Bender, Mr. Bender’s wife.

After being in the convalescent hospital for almost a year with Alzheimer’ disease, my beloved husband Merle Bender, went to be with the Lord on February 22, 1998.

Approximately seventeen years ago, Merle went to Mexico for treatment of prostate cancer, under the care of Dr. Contreras Sr. and his staff. Due to the laetrile treatment and the excellent care he received, he never once suffered the results of that cancer.
My husband passed away from the results of pneumonia and a stroke and in no way from the cancer.
We highly recommend the treatments my husband received, and the sincerity in the way he was treated.
Avis E. Bender (spouse) 


March 11, 1998
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April of 1984, and the doctors wanted to operate the next week.
Instead I chose the alternate route of coming to, and being treated by Dr. Contreras, beginning in May 1984.
Thanks to being treated as a whole person rather than a malignant tumor, my current health is excellent, physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you, Lord!
Jim Bergstrom
P.S. I will be 69 next month.


March 7, 1998
In 1988, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My Urologist offered me surgery or radiation treatments with an eighty five percent chance to survive five years. I didn’t like those odds. So I went to OASIS Hospital. I was put on Laetrile diet therapy, plus I put myself on ‘PRAYER THERAPY". Ten years later I’m still here and on the same therapies.
Thanks be to God,
Thomas Garcia
P.S. I’m now 77 years old. 


March 23, 1998
I was diagnosed to have prostate cancer in 1986 at Los Angeles Community Hospital. I was in a treatment program with the hospital for about 2 years. At some point after the treatment I was given about 6 weeks to live and was advised to get my personal affairs in order. One of my daughters mentioned my grave illness to the members of her church at that time. They began to pray for me and the pastor’s wife gave us a business card for the Hospital Ernesto Contreras, now OASIS Hospital. the pastor’s wife had been successfully treated there herself.

We made an appointment with Dr. Lagos there and I was hospitalized for 2 months for treatment. The treatment was successful and in about 6 months I was examined and found to no longer have cancer.

In my visits to the hospital there I have gained many friends over the years including hospital staff and other patients. I am very grateful to Dr. Lagos and his kindness to me during my many trips to see him for treatment. He has been always very pleasant and professional in dealing with me. I am very grateful to the hospital staff for their care and concern for me over the years.

I thank God that I am a "survivor."
Elias Arreola


March 1998

On February 10, 1992, six years ago, I came to Dr. Contreras depressed and scared. I had just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.
Dr. Contreras assured me that they could help me, both physically and mentally and when I left his office I was feeling much better about my future. 
On February 17, 1992 my wife and I came to the OASIS Hospital for a 21 day treatment program. My P.S.A. was 46 and at the end of the 21 days it was 5.9, P.A.P. 1, on April 14, 1992 my P.S.A. was 0.6, P.A.P. 1, May 28, 1992 P.S.A. 0.2, P.A.P. .07.
Over the last six years I have followed Dr. Contreras advise whenever my P.S.A. would start to rise and have been able to keep it under control.
I’m feeling fine both physically and mentally and thank God every day for what he has given me, and for sending me to the OASIS Hospital and Dr. Contreras.
George W. Knowlton

George W. Knowlton













































































































































































































































































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