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If you have any Australian success stories please email them to me as they would be a comfort and would encourage many Australians out there suffering from cancer.

  Pet Dogs Aggressive Cancer - Right Leg

August 2007

3 months ago in May 2007 my 9 year old boy was diagnosed with aggressive cancer in his right leg. We went through ultrasounds,
biopsies and an MRI scan at the specialists. The cancer had spread into his anal passage and the doctors informed me the only way to stop the
progression of the cancer was to take the leg off, and even then there was a 20% chance Harry would not survive.
 I was devastated.

By the way Harry my nine year old is my DOG.

 My vet suggested an alternative of B17 that a client had told him about. Immediately I went home and Jumped on the internet. I had the Apricot Kernals in 2 days. We halved the amount (as he is a 30kg dog) and mashed them up 3 times per day in mashed banana. To keep my boy alive I was spoon feeding him his vegetables (he is now a vegetarian). Within two weeks he was putting weight on his lame leg, and within 3 weeks he was eating his dinner on his own. He has iron and vitamin c supplements now but likes to lick the liquid off the spoon.

Harry is the most healthy I have seen him in 3 years. His fur is soft, he is sprinting around the block, and the vet says that the hole in his leg where the cancer was dying is now full of good muscle tissue.  I urge anyone to try B17 and the vitamins to help rid the cancer from the body. : My harry is healthy and happy and I am so grateful that I will have my boy around for longer than I thought I would.

Hope this helps other animal lovers..

Regards Fiona

Follow-up email

Hi Angelo,
You may pass on my email address of course.
The reason I wrote to you was to let you know how great your website is.
If I can help other pet owners I will do all I can.
I paid 5 and a half thousand dollars to specialists to cure Harry and yet a
bag of Apricot kernals have made him better.

I am so pleased I can help if you need me
Kind regards Fiona


July 2007

Dear Angel,

Hello again!!  Remember me?   I wrote to you close to 2 years ago, about my son Brad, who had trouble with a huge teratoma in his chest.......which started to regrow (following surgery), then chemo (which did not work) etc.  etc.
Well, I am writing to you now, with the GOOD NEWS that his Oncologist, and a top quality Naturopath, have both totally cleared him of any cancer problems!!
(His 4.4 cm tumour on the lung just caved in under the b17 Metabolic Therapy programme, and the Budwig diet).
Much of his success is due to YOU and all your help initially, PLUS your very informative, and easy-to-follow Website.
I am forwarding His Story and his list of Healthy Hints, which you might find interesting.
THANK YOU for your part in his recovery - we are most grateful!!     Not sure whether you get to hear from cured patients along the line, but we wanted for you to receive this good news, and be encouraged!
Kind regards,           Nancy Everett

Click Here to read Brads Story

Click here to read Brads healthy hints regarding what he did to beat his cancer


  Advanced Colorectal Cancer

April 2007

My name is Chris Masters

In April 2006 I was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer .At that stage I was advised it was inoperable.

Dazed and confused I agreed with my oncologist suggestion to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy in order to potentially shrink the tumour.

I received both treatments for a period of 2 months  9May until 3June 2006

Hair on my scalp thinned and also disappeared from all over my body. The skin around my anus turned black. My weight dropped from 87kg to 70kg.........

Click Here to read about Chris wonderful recovery


Esophageal Cancer.

April 2007

Hi Angelo 

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you my story about cancer and the B17.
It was difficult to get back into routine after our holiday.
I am 65 years old and two years ago I was diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer.  The size of the tumor was 5cm x 3cm and I was unable to swollow solid food.  (all my food had to be pureed) The cancer had also spread to the lympth nodes in my neck.  You could feel two lumps like grapes.
At this stage I was pleased that I had secondary cancer as I did not want to undergo the lengthy operation to remove the primary cancer.  The Doctor at this stage said that if the chemotherapy treatment which I was due to commence did not work that I would have 3 months to live.  That was a real wake up call.  I then got onto the internet and discovered the properties of B17.  I received my first lot of  seeds 5 days prior to my treatment.  I commenced on 35 seeds a day ground into a powder and mixed with juice.  By the time 5 days had come around and it was my first treatment, I was unable to feel the grape like lumps in my neck.  This gave me great strength to be very positive about the treatment.  I underwent a course of 18 weeks chemotherapy, and of course had frequent testing and scans, and after the first 9 weeks the tumor  had reduced to scar tissue and I was eating solid food normally.  Of course I had side effects of the chemotherapy, but very mild compared to other people.  The Onecologist was very mistified as to how I could recover so quickly and look so well.  Still to this day I have not told him about the B17 or the Romanga tablets that I take.
After I had the all clear, I did not realise it but my body went into post traumatic stress sydrome and I was always feeling sick and lethargic.  Once this was diagnosed and I found the right medication I was on top of everything again.  Unfortunately I reduced my seeds to maintenance dose of 10 per day, as I felt so well.  
Last year a small lympth node containing cancer developed outside the lung.  So I increased my dose again to 35 per day.  I had a short 4 week of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  This cleared the cancer away, and I now feel really good.  I am still taking my dose of 30 seeds a day (made up of 15 in the morning and 15 in the late afternoon) as I now realise that I can not afford to reduce my dose as my body has been battered around by the drugs in chemotherapy.
The Doctor once again is amazed at my recovery, and he now says that I must have kissed the blarney stone!!!!
I hope that you may be able to use my story.  I hope the drug companies and government do not dry up the suppy of B17 as it is a natural food with fantastic properties.
Kind Regards
Philip Chalklen    



 Non Hodgkins lymphoma

 July 2006

 Hello Angelo,
 I was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma about 2 years ago. I’m aged in my fifties and had been in reasonable health apart from a minor heart scare a few years before.
 My first reaction was desperation and despair but after a short while this gave way to an obsession to find out as much information as I could.
 An oncologist offered me chemotherapy however after reading widely I decided I wanted to give an alternative medicine approach a fair chance instead. This included allowing sufficient time to see what effect it would have.
 I came across the amygdalin/laetrile theory through the internet and the books World Without Cancer and Alive and Well as well as other books and articles.
 The procedure I’ve followed is to grind 25 to 30 apricot kernels each day into powder and mix them with pineapple juice. I’ve radically changed my diet, mainly cutting out red meat and eating white meat instead, as well as eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables. I take some supplements including Selenium tablets and some pancreatic enzymes.
 I have taken and still take the approach that this is a long term strategy. In the book Alive and Well, Dr Binzel’s opinion is that it takes about 6 months for a nutritional change to have an effect on the immune system.
 The last few blood tests have shown that the cancer has stopped spreading. I would have to say that overall I probably feel generally healthier now than I’ve felt in a long time which I suppose is ironic given the fact that I’m supposed to be a cancer patient.
 Ian Hipwell



MAY 2006


 My name is Peter Kennedy and I have an aggressive form of prostate cancer which has matastisized to the bone. My journey to better health started 4 years ago when after being diagnosed with a PSA of 80 and a gleeson score of 7 and being told by pessimistic doctors that I should prepare to die, I flew to the Oasis Centre of Hope in Mexico for alternative treatment to chemo and radiation.
 I enjoyed great success from this treatment and was able to bring Laetrile back into Australia to continue my treatment at home. I have enjoyed wonderful quality of life with along with many other natural treatments, a completely organic diet and B17 injections. When the Laetrile ran out and I was told that I could no longer legally have more laetrile brought into the country, my health slowly deteriorated, my bone cancer increased. I feel betrayed by my own country that I have to travel to Mexico to receive this treatment, shall I live in Mexico and leave my friends, family and grandchildren just so I can live?
 I realise that you promote the apricot kernels, but I did try this and found that the laetrile by injection was more effective as my cancer is an advanced form.
 Any feedback you can give me would be appreciated as I am not ready to die and will try anything.

Kind Regards,
Peter Kennedy

July 2006

Hi Angel,

Just a quick note to let you know how Pete is doing. Thank you for recommending Paul Rana to us it was a God send. He has improved out of sight and we are going back to Melbourne for additional treatment. Do you know any oncologists on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane who would sympathetic to the natural cause. Our oncologist just does not understand or listen to anything we are about. We feel that they has to be someone out there who will enjoy hearing our story.
Again thank you for saving Peters life and being online for us to communicate with. With owe you alot.
Kind Regards,
Lyn Kennedy



Breast Cancer - June 2004

Hi Angel

My introduction to apricot kernels was through a friend who lives in New South Wales.  She visited my house in September of 2000 and was very sad as she had been diagnosed with metasised bone cancer and had spots on her rib, spine and hip.  She previously had had breast cancer some six years before this diagnosis.  I know she thought her life expectancy was doomed and I felt quite shattered as I also had breast cancer 18 months before this and had used my friend as a benchmark of how I was going to progress.

When speaking to her some months later to check on her health, she informed me she was eating apricot kernels, and in huge quantities each day.  I believe it was around 30.  This intrigued me as I had no idea there was any value in the kernel of this fruit but decided to start searching the internet for information and this is when I started to come across Phillip Day and other sites which endorsed this cancer strategy.

My friend is now cancer free according to her professor/specialist and a hair test, she has a lavender farm which she works from the bush to the end product and also has alpachas...hard work......what an inspiration she is.

My cancer was bad, aggressive, two tumours in the left breast and 14 of 17 lymph nodes cancerous.  I had a macestomy of the left breast, undertook 4 intense doses of chemo and 6 standard doses, spaced 3 weeks apart.  I also had 6 weeks of radiation therapy.  I knew I had a fight on my hands as the specialist was very clear to explain that their belief was the cancer would be elsewhere.

I made a decision to take other vitamin supplements, including selenium at the very beginning of my diagnosis and then when I heard about apricot kernels, I thought maintenance and prevention was my next option.   With experimentation I had the kernels daily but found I had reflux so interpreted that my body was telling me I did not need to have these those frequequently and have now taken them twice weekly...the equivalent of a flat teaspoon of crushed kernels each time.

My five year extensive check up happened in March of this year and all my tests are great.  I am very well, feel terrific and know I have lots of energy to enjoy a wonderful life with my precious family and friends.  My health is my wealth and the help and joy I give to others, who are embarking on a journey with cancer, is a wonderful reward for being a survivor.

Thank you again.





Paul Reid: healing from lymphoma

We were given your website at the Phillip Day talk yesterday. I thought you may be interested in our website, www.beaconmedia.com.au/health
My husband Paul is an 8 year survivor on lymphoma, having received no medical treatment. His current state of health is extremely good with no sign of cancer. We wrote a book, because so many people were asking us what to do. This was written about 5 years ago. I would really like to update it because we have learned more. You can read Paul's testimony on our site.   www.beaconmedia.com.au/health
Cheryl Reid


In November or December 2002 my sister was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer (a tumor the size of a PawPaw)after not feeling well for a few years.  It took years for them to finally diagnose the problem...........................

......................The surgeon was ASTOUNDED with her results immediately before her third chemo session after being on Dr Marzini's course of vitamins and minerals, including the Apricot kernels, for less than one month! Her blood count was 120 and the other indicator was down to 6! He said he may have to think about removing the colostomy bag after her chemo sessions were over.

May 2003

Click Here for Full Story



g'day Angel

 just a short line to thank you for all you done for us and all the help you gave us.

we got a phone call from dorothy's brother george this morning. He went for an x. ray yesterday and got his results this morning. Apparently the lung cancer has gone completely but they still want him to finish his chemo-therapy.

we think it is a combination of all the therapies he has been taking, but mainly the b17 as he has been taking the seeds since you sent them a coupla months ago. Also he has been taking the tablets & the injections that we got from England.

We owe it all to you and on behalf of george & his family and from dorothy & I we thank you from the bottom of our heart for all the time & trouble you went through for us and for helping to save george's life.


 will write again sometime.

 love Dorothy and Steve   xoxoxox  

Jan 2003



How are things  Angel

Just a quick note to say that my Mum is now fighting fit thanks to B17.  Her cancer has now virtually gone.  She is now home home out working in her garden planning a future here in Hobart.  Mum is still having small doses of chemo along with the B17, the doctors are saying that it is a miracle, but we know better. She has come along way with only 3 weeks to live !!

Thanks for your help.  I am currently helping another person in Brisbane treat his mother.


Kyle & Vanessa Gardner

These are the steps that I followed when treating my mother for Cancer from May 2002.  My mother had lung cancer which had spread to her liver,  when diagnosed, Mum was given 3 weeks to live.  Now Mum is virtually all clear from cancer 8 weeks later.

Click here for full story

**** Gday Angelo
Yes all you can do is try.  I still strongly believe in this treatment.  Yes Mum did stip taking B17 as soon as she got the all clear from the docs. This was a big mistake.  Yes I do not mind if you add this part to your web page, as you say, it might help out someone in the future.
Have a good xmas.
Regards Kyle

**Kyles mother pass away in Mar 2004 after stopping her B17 treatment as his note above explains.



Hello Angel,

I am a builder by trade, and in early 2003, my father and I were working for an elderly couple (in their 60's), and they told us an amazing story regarding apricot kernels. The man's wife was diagnosed with stomach cancer (I don't know when), and she was told she needed to have surgery. The man didn't want her to go through with it because of what it involved (essentially removing the stomach all together), so they did nothing. Upon further consultations in the following months, the prognosis was getting worse. They went to see another doctor for a second opinion, and that is when they met someone who changed their lives.

While they were in the waiting room, they got talking to a woman, whose husband was seeing a doctor about his liver cancer. While they were talking, she mentioned that he was taking apricot kernels, as someone showed them some testimonials about their possible cancer curing capabilities. They exchanged phone numbers, and went their seperate ways.

A couple of weeks later, the woman with the stomach cancer called the woman she met in the waiting room to see how her husband was fairing, as he had been on the kernels for some time. She told her that the cancer was gone! She couldn't believe it. So she kept taking the kernels (she was taking 7-10 a day).

3 months went by, and it was time for her checkup. When the results came through, she was in for a surprise. Her cancer was gone too! Not just slowed, or shrank, but GONE!!

After I was told this story, I was surprised to find that it was a fairly popular natural treatment.

All I can say is this, cancer is a deadly disease, there is no harm in taking the kernels, what more harm could you do? If it was me, I would still probably go through with surgery at the very least (depending on how severe) but I would take the kernels also, as they may just help.....

I hope people can get some hope from this, as sometimes hope can go a long way.....





Greetings Angel,

I am really excited to have found your website. Having, myself had throat cancer and given a 40% chance of survival some seven years ago, I was given a copy of the tape 'World Without Cancer'. I have been on apricot kernels, prune seeds etc. and now, as I live in Coffs Harbour, Macadamia nuts. I am 72 this year and doing well.

 I give copies of 'World Without Cancer' and 'Cancer, The Winnable War' to everybody that I think will be interested. But the main enemy is  APATHY.  I now will be able to give your web address to all and sundry.  After I go through it all and make a precis of your message.

 I just had to send you this message now because of the excitement from finding your web page .

 All the best from Lance


Nov 2005 - Hi Angel

Thanks for your enquiry. 10 years after my op and radiation I remain fine. No sign of Cancer in my prostate or elsewhere. Now I am a bit of a health nut and at 74 still dance 2 or 3 times a week and lead an active life.

Best regards,  Lance




Hi Angel,

My name is Diana, we spoke yesterday in regards to getting laetrile treatment in Australia.  Thanks for your assistance I have looked up those websites and and have taken down numbers for a particular lady whose father has leukaemia. 

How I became involved in this is through my own father who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2002.  2 weeks before hand I actually joined Neways to detox myself and home and came across Phillip Day's book 'Cancer: why we're still dying to know the truth and decided to get place my father on his metabolic program for cancer.  I detoxed his environment, changed all his personal care products, changed his diet, placed him on the Neways supplements and got him on Apricot kernels and today he is cancer free, and very healthy!!

From this, wow, a whole stream of people all of a sudden came my way wanting more information on what to do, questioning mainstream techniques or some had no other choice or had heard my father's story, and now I've been helping others get onto the program.  Now people are wanting the injections and tablets  as well as apricot kernels so that is why I contacted you.

I am a Natural therapist so it makes the process a little easier, I am a NST practioner, massage therapist and also do Reiki and dabble in TFT!! 

My father's cancer has brought my life to a new level. its very exciting yet scary but I know as you do, this information needs to get out there, people need to know, they deserve a choice..........and I'm going to help as many people as possible once again gain control of their life and health and not get bullied or scared into treatments they don't feel are right for them.

So thankyou for getting this information on the net and I look forward to speaking to you in the future, please if its not too much trouble if you can keep me up to date with any changes I would greatly appreciate it!

warmest regards,

Diana Marion 

E: dianamarion@hotmail.com



Dear Angel

My name is Michelle Richmond, congratulations to your dad and yourself on a great and much needed  website. I truly had goose bumps when I read your story.

I had cancer last year and had set about healing myself through natural means when I read Phillips book, the result being that I cured the breast cancer, since then I started a Foundation called Genesis International our mission is to create awareness to the masses about Integrative medicine and life threatening Illness and most importantly prevention. I say Integrative medicine because the Trustees of the Foundation ar doctors who  believe in this treatment. We have just started treating people out of a clinic at the Gold Coast.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep up the mission

Michelle    -  www.gif.org.au



This testimonial appeared in CTM Newsletter put out by Phillip Day.

A Newtown, Australia man claims eating kilos of apricot kernels cured him of prostate cancer. Ron Rankin has eaten 60 seeds a day since being diagnosed with the condition 12 months ago........       FULL STORY CLICK BELOW           



MELANOMA - Skin Cancer

In 1987 a sun spot of many on my scalp developed into a malignant cancerous tumour which grew for ten months………….Many years later no cancer  has developed so far. I have continued to eat one handful of kernels a day before meals.............    

Received  JULY 2003

Click Here for Full Story



Dear Angel

About five years ago my sister in-law (aged 35) was diagnosed with breast cancer, her doctor advised her to have a lumpectomy but as her fear grew she decided to have a mastectomy to be on the safe side. The doctors said no further treatment was required. Two years later  she was having pain under her arm and thought it was due to the scaring that the surgery had caused. After a few months she decided to have it checked out, this time it was cancer in her lymph nodes. The family was devastated, she has three boys, two of which were under 5. Again per her doctor she had all nodes removed and was followed up this time by a routine chemo and radiation therapy. All of which made her feel ill and she spent most of her time in bed. We all thought this must be it now, surely....  Unfortunately one year later she had chest pain that she thought was a chest infection she had an x-ray and there it was again. The radiographers said

"I'm sorry" that's all they would say till she saw her doctor.

The doctor couldn't look her in the eye when they told her the final findings, both of her lungs were peppered with cancer and she also had cancer in her spine. It didn't look good. We all prayed and I was reading my Woman magazine one day when I read a story about a woman who had recovered from cancer after being given a couple of weeks to live by using apricot kernels.

I immediately got on the internet and spent the next four hours reading, forgetting the time as I was so intrigued.

I laid it on the line with Angela the next time I saw her and explained how the doctors base success and also informed her of the apricot kernels. She agreed to try and go onto them as quickly as she could.

Now it's six months later and Angela has been given the "all clear" with her lungs with only a residue left in her bones. She continues to take them and her oncologist thinks she has made a remarkable recovery. He shared with her his lack of confidence that she would make it this time and is totally gob smacked ( amazed ), sorry Scottish saying.

We are over the moon and cannot thank everyone enough for sharing their powerful stories of recovery and hope, as if it was not for them we would have not known anything about it.

Warmest regards

name Withheld on request


This testimonial appears at http://www.cai.org/testimonies/files/healing/bridget.htm

Testimony: Healed of Choriocarcinoma!
From: Bridget Baker - Coffs Harbour, Australia

........................This time however, they were suspicious about the whole thing and did further tests. Two days later the obstetrician phoned us with the test results and told me very bluntly that I had developed a very rare and aggressive cancer called ‘choriocarcinoma’. The next morning we went straight to his office where he painted a very grim picture...........................

............I can only praise God for leading us so graciously all along the way, and for His perfect timing in showing us a natural cure for cancer just about a year before I was diagnosed, when some people in our assembly ‘tripped’ over a guy called Phillip Day. Faith with works as described in the Bible has a very specific meaning for me now – through the decision to trust foremost in God rather than man-made medicine He turned the situation into victory through His healing power.

Click here for full story


Tumor Calcified - Feb 2004

Dear Angel

Sorry  I have not written back to you , the weeks just flew by.

Mark was diagnosed with a primitive neurodectermal tumor on both hemisphers of the brain...............................In November 2003 it was time for a follow up with the Sydney specialist.  Mark has a MRI, we saw the specialist the same day, Marks Tumor had calcified and the specialist said it was a miracle,

Click here for more


Prostate Cancer - MAY 2004

Angel .

My experience is as follows:

In 1992 I had a medical which showed a PSA reading of  6.9  after several test it showed that I had Cancer in both lobes.

I selected Radiation as the treatment and went ahead with it.

PSA reduced to 0.02 and stayed relative low through to 2001

I Had the usual side effects some bladder and bowl problems but not too much concern.  In 2001 my PSA had risen to 6.8 and my specialist suggested that I should consider Hormone Treatment . This I did not want to do. I tried with some success Ron gentlenny  recommendation.

Then I went to your home page B17 and went into the Appricot kernels.  As mentioned in my previous note I have reduced the PSA down to 3.64. 


I am taking now 30 kernels a day mixed with Tomato juice also 3 tea spoons of vitamin C . I am 70 years old and except for the Prostate Cancer which gives me no concern I feel in great health.   


Thanks and Kind regards Leo Conlon

  What AUSTRALIANS are saying about  VITAMIN B17
  If you have any Australian or other success stories please email them to me as they would be a comfort and would encourage many Australians out there suffering from cancer. You can contact us by clicking here contact us.

Aug 2005

Thank you so much for the help that you gave me for my mother Margaret earlier this year I really wish that I had good news to give you but I don't After going through months of soul destroying Chemo she finally decided to go with B 17 but by this time her body was so damaged by Chemo that it just to late so now I'm visiting her in hospital with my heart breaking watching her fade away in agony Every Dr that has seen her since has admitted that Laetrile is the best alternative there is but none of the same Dr's would admit that in the begining If only they had Mum would be both healthy and happy I can't tell enough people (any one who will listen ) Don't ever have Chemo It will kill you Mum is the classic example People put there lives in the hands of Dr's who don't deserve such trust and God it's just so wrong If I was told tomorrow that I had cancer I know which way I'd go Although it was too late for Mum I will never let another Family member or Friend have this happen to them and for that I have you to Thank with all my heart and soul THANK YOU XOXOXO

Allison Marre Machell



Love your site....

I cried when i learnt about B17 and its amazing success in fighting cancer. I sat helplessly by and watched as the preists and preistes's of modern medicine sacrifised my beloved sister in law on the alter of hopelesness and arrogance,after the event, they intoned their incantation,"We did all we could,we fought the valiant fight against incredible odds,but the great satan,"Cancer" has won the day,but we will be victorious,no matter how many lives we have to sacrifise on the alter of hopelesness and arrogance,we will continue the just fight.................................

Keep up the good work

kind regards




Hello Angelo Rodriguez,

Thank you for the information on the B17.  I have just spent the last 3/4 hour viewing your website.  I think it's absolutely wonderful.  I had no idea how much time and effort you had put into the layout of it.  It's so well presented.  I have had a run of cancer patients coming through my clinic recently.  They have all watched the Lorraine Day videos, and I am almost out of the kernels, so will call Belinda when I'm over that way again.  I can now just get them to view your website in the comfort of their own home.  Congratulations again, and well done!

Kind regards,

Michelle Barber



Hello Angel(o),

Congratulations for setting up this website www.b17.com.au.

I have been looking for similar answer, it's only when talking about Cancer to a Yoga teacher that we got to know about Phillp Day's book and B17.   Then at night I got on the web and with COPERNIC got quite a lot of info on laetrile. My wife did not beleive me when I told her about nutrition and cancer. I knew about the HONZAS but not that much about Vitamin B17. 

I had difference ressources than yours.

Anyway, thank to you my wife beleives me a lot more, also her dad just had a stage A bowel cancer removed this MONDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2002 

Richard ITHIER



Hi Angelo,

I just feel I have to tell you that your web site on the b17 subject is just what I was looking for. Actually this is the second day and night in a row that I intensively deal with the question: whom to believe? I did listen to the arguments of both sides. But..

I am a computer scientist and not able to judge on chemical reactions on my own or how molecules do interact travelling through human body.  Your web site did the job to give me the chance to make an informed decision on what to believe.  By the way I found a web site (unfortunately written in German) that helps to understand why HCN in plants is not harmful if eaten. At least it is an independent source that helped me to believe that the stated chemical components/reactions do exist.

The title reads like :" Hydrocyanic acid in plants for food - a threat for food?" Let me just give you the link as a way to give something back http://www.tu-bs.de/institute/botanik/MS4/bpsp/Blaus.htm  (I don't know the author and I am in no way related to that institute etc)

Thanks Reinhard Schmitz



Hello Angel,

I have been looking at your website and I congratulate you on your work.

I like you have an axe to grind with medical people and their savage debilitating methods they use to treat (kill) people. I have lost my own father to cancer just two years ago and it was impossible to get any sort of balanced viewpoint or treatment to him because of the entrenched dogma from the medical people.

I source our supplies of apricot seeds from Phillip Day and Credence Publications. You are probably well aware of Phillip Day.

If not their website is www.credence.org.uk

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Once again thank you for making contact.



Hi Angelo

I read most of the info you sent me last night and am most impressed makes sense to me esp. since the cancer doc told us to go home drink red wine smoke a cigar and wait for it to happen don't change your life style at all he says

Anyway thanks again




Hi Angelo,

Thank you for your prompt response.

I must say that I am impressed with your website and the information contained regarding the vitamin B17.

It's only over the last few days that I've become aware of the significance of B17 in fighting/preventing cancer. This is an amazing topic and quite disturbing as far as the industry cover-up is concerned.

I will organise a purchase order over the next few days.

Kind Regards,

Paul Pappas



Dear Angel,

Thank you so very much for all of your information and helpful advice. My mother-in-law has spoken to a practitioner who specializes in Apricot Seed Treatment and has given us the go-ahead!!!

Thank you for giving us hope!!!






























































































































































































































































































































































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